a Beat step forward.

Beat2Bit is a blazing fast YouTube player that puts the contents right in front of you: search results with clear thumbnails, fast video playback for every connection, favorites and download in every popular format including mp3 and mp4.


While designing and coding Beat2Bit I tried to make it as easy as possible. Something that can be used by everyone, no matter if you are an hyperspace engineer or a 10 year kid.

Fast Google Custom Search: GCS lets you quickly search in the largest music database worldwide: YouTube. You can search by song title, artist or even lyrics.

Wide choice for both audio and video formats including the well-known mp3 and mp4. Just to be sure you don't waste time for conversions later.

Favorites: Never miss a song again. You find a song you like, you click the red star button and you have it saved it your Favorites. Could it be easier?

Quick access to your favorites + easy management of them. Mini mode lets you focus on the video you are watching and on your favorites, shrinking everything and hiding what is unnecessary.

Player with added buttons to share on facebook, twitter and google plus. Because sharing is caring.

Conversions in Beat2Bit are accomplished by music-clips.net which provides a remarkably fast download (screenshot taken on a 7Mb/s connection).


Did you face any problem using Beat2Bit? Do you have any suggestion to make it better? I'm all ears. Please drop me a few lines by clicking here . If the link above is not working use this email address: devluxe@beat2b.it If you want to support the development of Beat2Bit, please donate. Every donation is greately appreciated: